How to Make a CD Booklet Template

By Tricia Goss

According to "Daily Music Tips," attractive inserts can boost independent CD sales.
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Using Microsoft Word, you can create a basic booklet to insert into your CD cases. Setting up the booklet requires some time and concentration, but your initial efforts pay off when you save the booklet as a template. You can modify the title, add lyrics and other text and customize graphics, colors and additional design features, as well to make custom inserts for all of your discs.

Step 1

Start Word and open a new, blank document. Select the "Page Layout" tab and click the "Page Setup" dialog launcher in the lower-right corner. Select "Book Fold" in the Multiple Pages list. Choose the number of pages you want in the Sheets per Booklet list. Click "OK."

Step 2

Select the "Insert" tab. Click "Table" and choose a "1x1" table. Click the "Layout" tab under Table Tools. Change both the cell height and width to "4.75," which are the dimensions of a jewel-case insert.

Step 3

Press "Ctrl-End" to go to the bottom of the page. Press "Ctrl-Enter" to insert a new page. Copy the table and paste it onto the second page. Repeat for all pages in the booklet.

Step 4

Point to the upper-right corner of the first table and click the double arrow that appears to select the table. Press "Ctrl-L" to align the table to the left. Select the second table and press "Ctrl-R" to align it to the right. Repeat with the remaining tables, alternating left and right alignment so the tables will meet at the center of each page.

Step 5

Add sample text to the table cells on each page. When you want to use the template, you can replace the sample text with the appropriate text or images you want to print in the booklet. Keep all text and graphics inside the tables, as the table cells are the only area you will use for the booklet. The booklet pages appear in the order they will print, so begin with a cover design on the first page, perhaps a table of contents on the second page and a combination of lyrics, anecdotes and images on the remaining pages. Press "Ctrl-P" at any time to preview the appearance of your booklet as printed.

Step 6

Choose the "File" tab and select "Print" to apply print settings. Select "Print on Both Sides." If you have a duplex printer, the printer will flip the pages and print on both sides automatically. If not, choose the "Manually Print on Both Sides." Word prints all of the pages that appear on the first side of each page and then prompts you to turn the printed pages over, insert them back into the printer and resume printing the remaining pages.

Step 7

Select "Save As" on the File menu. Double-click "Computer." Enter a name for your booklet template and select "Word Template" in the Save as Type list. Click "Save."