How to Make a Cat Emoticon

By Lynn Lauren

i Creatas Images/Creatas/Getty Images

When texting, sending instant messages, or emails, many users like to include emoticons in their message. An emoticon is any nonsensical combination of letter, symbols and numbers that creates a message or picture for the user. The most well known emoticon is the smiley face, which is created by combining a semi colon and a right parenthesis :). Another fun emoticon is a cat, which can be sent from one cat lover to another.

Step 1

Create a cat face complete with eyes, ears and whiskers, like >^..^<. Start with a right bracket (>), add a caret (^), add two periods (..), add another caret (^) and finish with a left bracket (<) to complete your cat.

Step 2

Create a similar cat face, such as <^..^>. Simply switch the order of the brackets in Step 1 and insert the carets and periods in the middle to create a little cat face.

Step 3

Create a cat face emoticon on MSN Messenger by inserting the following shortcut: (@). Simply add a left parenthesis "(" followed by the at symbol "@" and then close the shortcut with the right parenthesis ")".