How to Use a SIM Card in an HP 6910

by Andrew Tennyson
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Installing a SIM card in your laptop enables you to connect to cellular networks. In order to use a SIM card in an HP 6910 laptop, you need to install it in the SIM card bay, which is accessible only by removing the laptop’s battery. SIM cards are only compatible with the HP 6910P, which is the only model in the 6910 line that has WWAN capabilities.

Step 1

Shut off the computer, unplug its power cable and disconnect all peripheral devices from its ports.

Step 2

Slide the battery release latch to the release position and then slide the battery locking latch to the unlock position and hold it there. Both latches are found on the bottom of the laptop just in from the battery. One is found next to the circular air vent. The other is located next to the WLAN module.

Step 3

Slip the battery out of the battery bay to reveal the SIM card slot. The slot is found in the corner of the battery bay and is clearly labelled "SIM."

Step 4

Press in gently on the existing SIM card, then release it to partially eject it. Grip it gently and slide it out of the SIM card slot the remainder of the way. Skip this step if there is no existing SIM card installed in the laptop.

Step 5

Insert the new card into the SIM card slot until it locks in place. Insert the card with the circuit-etched side up and the tapered corner facing toward the outer edge of the laptop. If you're unsure how to orient the card, match it to the SIM label found inside the battery bay near the slot.

Slide the battery back into the battery bay until both the release latch and the locking latch click. Flip the laptop over, reconnect its power cables and peripherals and then turn the computer back on.


  • Computer equipment is prone to damage from electrical shocks. Before touching any of the delicate interior parts of the HP 6910P, ensure that you are properly grounded.


  • Once you've installed the SIM card, you need to create a new WWAN network connection on the laptop. Turn on the 6910P and wait for the Windows 8.1 Start screen to load. Swipe your mouse pointer to the bottom-right corner of your screen, click "Settings" and then click the "Network" icon, which is identified by a series of vertical bars. Click the name of the mobile provider from which you obtained the SIM card and then click "Connect." You may be prompted to enter a username and password, which you need to obtain from your mobile broadband provider.
  • When removing both the battery and the SIM card, place the laptop face down on a flat, level surface to prevent it from slipping.
  • When the battery is out of the laptop, keep it in a clean, dry location and avoid touching the contacts on the battery itself, if possible.
  • If you removed an old SIM card that you plan to use again, place it in an anti-static bag. Anti-static bags prevent damage caused to sensitive computer equipment by shocks from static electricity. These bags can be obtained from most technology stores.


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