How to Make a Card on an iMac

by K.C. Winslow

You can make a card on an iMac computer using TextEdit, a word-processing application native to OS X. TextEdit has fewer features available than other such programs that can create greeting cards for OS X, but it is easier to use. To print the card on one page, you will need to use your printer's double-sided printing feature.

Double-click the TextEdit icon in the "Applications" folder.

Go to the "Format" menu. If you see a menu item that says "Wrap to Page," select it. If you see a menu item that says "Wrap to Window," leave it alone.

Press the center alignment button at the top of the window. Hit the Return key so that the cursor drops down 23 times. To create a card with the fold at the top, you need to place your text and images in the lower half of the page.

Control-click on the area of the page where the cursor is located. Select "Font" and highlight "Show Fonts." Use the font window to select font typeface, style and size. Type the text you want on the front of the card.

Drag an image, if you want to include an image, from the Finder to the document. If the image does not center, drag the cursor across it and click the center alignment button.

Press the Return key until the second page of the document opens, then hit the Return key until you are at the lower portion of the page. Repeat Step 4 and Step 5 to complete the interior of the card.

Consult the instructions for your printer for information about double-sided printing. Go to the "File" menu, select "Print" and click the "Print" button.


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