How to Make a Campaign Pledge Card

By Jered Slusher

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A popular way for a political candidate, charity or organization to obtain funding is through campaign pledges. A campaign pledge is when an individual, group or organization pledges that they will donate a specified amount of money to the requester. A campaign pledge card is typically used as the means to solicit such donations. A properly crafted campaign pledge card can increase the likelihood of donations.

Brainstorming the Pledge Card

Step 1

Make the pledge card reflect the entity requesting the money. For example, if you are creating a pledge card for a political campaign, the pledge card should reflect the individual's marketing strategy. If you are creating a pledge card for a charity, use their logo, mission statement and branding.

Step 2

Determine what you will ask for on the campaign pledge card. Include such items as an option of an annual pledge (recurring), the amount of the pledge (or amount options), the method of payment and personal information for the person or organization pledging the funds.

Step 3

Draft a preliminary sketch of your campaign pledge card. Determine whether your pledge card will be color or black or white. Determine how large the card size should be. Choose the types of fonts you might use. Pay attention to ease of use and how a potential contributor will be receiving the card.

Drafting the Pledge Card

Step 1

Open a desktop publishing software (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, OpenOffice, WordPerfect, Adobe Photoshop, etc.) to design and format your campaign pledge card. Each desktop publishing software offers a different set of options to complete the task. Choose a publishing software that you are comfortable with, or resolve to learn a new software.

Step 2

Set up your document according to the size and layout specified in your preliminary sketch.

Step 3

Use fonts that are easy to read. Readers may become annoyed with fancy, complicated fonts. Stick to simple, common fonts.

Step 4

Use high-quality logos and images for a professional touch. Don't sacrifice quality.

Step 5

Print a draft of your pledge card and show it to a friend, coworker or potential donor. Ask for their feedback on the quality of the card. Ask if there are any improvements or suggestions to increase the quality of the card.