How to Make My Camera Full Screen in Skype

By Heather Laurent

Skype allows users to communicate using video and audio technology.
i Pixland/Pixland/Getty Images

Skype offers a more personal way to keep in touch with family and friends. In contrast to using a regular telephone or messaging service, Skype allows users to both see and hear the people on the other end of their call. With the help of webcams, a full-screen chat can enhance your conversation by allowing you to see your friends and family in "real-life" proportions. Skype provides a simple user interface in which you can change your settings to full-screen mode.

Step 1

Select a contact to call using Skype. Click the contact's name in the side panel. Check the settings for your call to ensure a high-quality connection by selecting "Check Settings." Ensure that the microphone, speakers, video, computer speed and Internet connection are functioning properly.

Step 2

Select the "Video Call" button to place a call. After your contact has answered, a video screen in a separate window will appear.

Step 3

Hover over the video stream. Click the "Full Screen" button that appears in the upper-left corner. The video stream will expand to fill the screen.

Step 4

Press "Escape" to exit full-screen mode after you have finished your call.