How to Make a Call Private on T-Mobile

by Lee Tea

There are a variety of reasons why a caller might wish to have his phone number privatized on the call recipient's caller ID. Responding to a classified advertisement in the newspaper or online, returning an unknown missed call or even getting a sales quote are among many legitimate reasons for a T-Mobile customer to block his phone number. The process is quick and simple.

Step 1

Write down the number you'll be calling if you haven't memorized it. You will be unable to use your cellphone's contact list when making a blocked call; the number must be entered manually.

Step 2

Open your T-Mobile cellphone's dialing application if you have a smartphone. Otherwise, ready your traditional keypad.

Step 3

Dial *67 and then the number you wish to dial privately, beginning with the area code. For example, *67456-555-1111.

Select "Send" to begin the phone call. Your telephone number will be blocked on the recipient party's caller ID display and will be replaced with the word "private," "unknown" or "unavailable."


  • Caller ID blocking only works with phone calls. You will be unable to block your number in outgoing text messages.


  • You may not block your phone number on the caller ID displays of 800 numbers, 900 numbers or 911.


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