How to Make a Call With Google Voice

by Karen Kramer

Google Voice is much more than an answering service. Voice is a total Communications Management System. Receiving and making calls directly from your Google Voice Dashboard provides a simple way to keep all your calls organized, while the History button keeps an archive of all outgoing and incoming calls.

Log in to your Google Voice account using your Google ID and password.

Click on the "Call" button located under the Google Voice logo on your in-box page.

Fill in the number you wish to call in the pop-up form. Choose the phone you want to use as your call-from number. You can choose from any phone you have listed with Google Voice or choose Google Talk.

Press Connect. Google will either call you on your phone and connect you to the other party or, if you choose Google Talk, connect you via the Internet.


  • check When using Google Talk to make outgoing calls, using a call headset provides better sound quality.

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