How to Make Brushes in SAI

by Christina Hadley

Creating simple new brushes in PaintTool SAI requires a little software coding. While somewhat primitive, this effective image-editing application will feature new brushes for use after you modify a file within the SAI installation folder. Add new texture brush bitmap files to the existing collection by modifying this file in Notepad or any other text editor. The new brushes will appear inside of the application's brush panel after you complete a simple file modification.


Place the bitmap texture images into the "brushex" folder within the "PaintToolSAI" application folder. These grayscale bitmaps should all have the ".bmp" file extension.


Search your computer for the "brushtex.conf" file.


Double-click the "brushtex.conf" file and open it in Notepad.


Type "1,brushtex\brushname.bmp," without the quote marks, below the last coded entry of the brushtext.conf file.


Replace "brushname.bmp" with the name of the new texture's bitmap file. For example, a sponge texture file might be titled "sponge.bmp." The entry you would need to add to the "brushtex.conf" file would be "1,brushtex\sponge.bmp."


Create a new line for each bitmap file you added to the "brushtex" folder. Each new brush texture bitmap file you added to the "brushtex" folder should have its own line. All these lines should be single spaced.


Click "File" and "Save" then return to PaintTool SAI to test your new brushes with the Brush tool.


  • check In the "Help" section of the software, there is an "Adding Brush Textures" section.

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