How to Make a Brochure Using Word Perfect

by Tricia Goss

A brochure is a trifold pamphlet that provides information about your organization, company or product. Brochures catch the eye of potential clients and customers by using bright or bold graphics and interesting text. Because brochures are small and easy to read, people are more likely to pick up and peruse one than a thicker, more verbose booklet. If you have WordPerfect installed on your computer and a color printer, you can create your own brochures in a snap.

Start WordPerfect. Click on "New" from the "File" menu. Under the "Create" tab, find the project list and click on "Brochure." Click the "Create" button.

Enter a description of your company or agency on the first panel of the brochure. Explain why you do what you do, or affirm your mission statement. If you have a logo, place it here.

Enter your contact information on the second panel. You can also add graphics, showing your staff in action or your business location.

Enter your title information on the third panel. When your brochure is printed and folded, this panel will actually be the cover. Create three interior panels on the remaining columns.

Print your brochure onto heavy paper or cardstock. If your printer does not have double-sided printing capability, you will need to print one side, flip the paper over and then print the second side.


  • check Include customer testimonies or a coupon to promote your business.


  • close Avoid fancy or bold fonts, as well as all caps. Simpler, cleaner fonts get a better response.

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