How to Make Free Borders

by Foye Robinson

A border can be used to spice up a simple document or to emphasize the primary purpose of your page. You'll find borders on fliers, certificates, brochures and more. If you're creating an invitation flier, you may choose to add a border with balloons to give the page a fun, playful look. Borders can be added to one or more pages. You may choose how your border is displayed--making it completely surround all edges of your page or just a specific edge.

Creating the Border

Create a free border of your choice using your favorite image editor, such as Microsoft Paint or MacPaint. Alternatively, you may use an existing image you have on your computer and use it as a border as well.

Open Paint or MacPaint and reduce the border size by selecting "Image, Attributes." Choose a width and height of about 50 pixels, then click "OK."

Save the image for your border by going to "File, Save." Change the file type to ".gif" or ".jpg" (optional) under "Save as type" and click on "Save."

Adding the Border

Open a blank page in Microsoft Word (or your favorite word processor) and select "View, Header and Footer."

Click on "Insert, Picture, From File" and browse to find the new image you just created or the existing image you want to use. Click "Insert" to place the image onto your page.

Right-click over the image and select "Format Picture, Layout, Behind Text." Copy and paste the image multiple times until it stretches across the top of your page.

Open the Drawing pane if it isn't already open by selecting "View, Toolbars, Drawing." Using the "Select Objects" tool (in the Drawing pane), select the images individually and align them on the edge of your page. Feel free to drag the image slightly outside the margin so you'll have room for the content later.

Click on the "Select Objects" tool again and hold down your "Shift" key. Select each image until all are selected. Right-click over the images and choose "Grouping, Group" to group them. The images should now move together.

Copy the grouped image and paste it. Move it to the bottom of your page to create a bottom border for the page.

Paste the grouped image once more and move it a few lines lower than the top border. Click on the newly paste image to select it, then go to the Drawing pane and click on "Draw, Rotate or Flip, Rotate Left 90 degrees."

Drag the left border where you'd like it to appear. To add additional images to fill the left border, right-click over the image and select "Grouping, Ungroup." Copy and paste as many images as you need to fill the space. Align the images with the others, select them all and group them again.

Copy the left border and paste it. Select "Draw, Rotate or Flip, Rotate Right 90 degrees" from the Drawing pane and move the border to the right edge of your page.

Select all the borders and group them to create your border. Close the "Header and Footer" toolbar to begin adding content to your page.

About the Author

Foye Robinson is a freelance writer and Web designer with Precision Web Crafting. She shares her love for family/relationships, fitness and Web design in her writing. Robinson holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Webster University and also writes miscellaneous articles and novels.