How to Make an Ultimate Bootable DVD for Windows 7

By J.S. Copper

The Ultimate Boot CD/DVD is a free downloadable ISO disc image with a handful of diagnostic resources to troubleshoot your computer. In order to use the utilities, the ISO image must be burnt to a CD or DVD. Windows 7 is the first version of Microsoft Windows to include native ISO burning capabilities, making the process of burning the Ultimate Boot disc to DVD extremely simple. Once on a DVD, you can boot your Windows 7 with the disc to run the tests.

Download the Ultimate Boot CD/DVD ISO from the Ultimate Boot CD website (see Resources). Save the ISO file to your hard drive.

Insert a blank DVD into your Windows 7 DVD burning drive.

Double-click the Ultimate Boot CD ISO. The "Burn Disc Image" application will launch.

Select the correct DVD burning drive. Click "Verify" to double-check the disc after the burning completes. Click "Burn Disc" to burn the DVD.