How to Make a Bootable Cruzer Drive

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The Cruzer is the popular Universal Serial Bus (USB) thumb drive from SanDisk. Using a USB drive to boot your computer can be a great way to diagnose and repair a sick computer, install a new operating system or carry your favorite Linux distribution around with you. To get a computer to boot into the Cruzer drive upon startup, you have to properly format the drive.

Step 1

Plug your Cruzer drive into your Apple computer.

Step 2

Open "Disk Utility."

Step 3

Highlight your drive in Disk Utility's sidebar.

Step 4

Select the "Partition" tab.

Step 5

Select the number of partitions you'd like to have on the disk under "Volume Scheme."

Step 6

Enter a name for the drive under "Volume Information." Select a format from the drop-down menu. If you plan on using the drive to boot up on Apple systems, select "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)." If you plan on using the drive with Windows or Linux systems, select "MS-DOS (FAT)."

Step 7

Select "Options" under the visual partition scheme. You will be presented with a few different options to make the drive bootable. Select "GUID Partition Table" to boot on Intel-based Macs, select "Apple Partition Map" for PowerPC-based Macs or select "Master Boot Record" for Windows or Linux systems. Select "OK."

Select "Apply." Disk Utility will perform the partitioning. The drive is now bootable, and you can begin to copy or mount the bootable image file to your drive.


  • If you are unable to access an Apple computer, you can use the command line to create a bootable drive on Windows (see Resources section).


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