How to Make a Boot CD for an iMac

by Hollan Johnson
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An iMac computer can run into disk troubles that make it impossible to boot from the hard drive. If this happens, it is possible to boot your iMac from a CD, as long as you have a bootable CD that can fix your iMac. While all iMacs come with the installation software as bootable DVDs, it is ideal to have a backup version just in case. You can make a boot CD for an iMac easily as long as you have your original installation DVDs.

Step 1

Insert the Mac OS X install DVD 1 into your iMac.

Step 2

Open “Disk Utility.”

Step 3

Select the DVD disk from the left-handed side of the Disk Utility menu.

Step 4

Select “New” from the file menu. Select “New Disk Image from Disk 1.”

Step 5

Format the disk as a “DVD/CD Master.”

Step 6

Name the disk. Press “Save.”

Step 7

Eject the Mac OS X install DVD.

Step 8

Select the .cdr copy and press “Burn” in Disk Utility.

Insert a blank CD into your iMac. The iMac will burn a bootable copy of the disk to the CD-R.


  • If the copy of the Mac OS X install disk is too large it might not fit on a CD-R. You will have to use a DVD-R instead.


  • Make sure the CD-R is totally blank and of good quality before you use it.


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