How to Make a Bookmark in HTML

by Daniel HatterUpdated April 10, 2018

One of the convenient codes in HTML, or Hypertext Markup Language, is the Bookmark tag, also known as the Anchor tag. This code can be used to create links which, when clicked, will take the viewer to a bookmarked section of the same page. This can be quite useful in creating clean, organized Web pages and is not difficult to implement in existing pages. Making bookmarks in your HTML will make your Web pages far more navigable and easy to access.

Locate the text heading, title or page section name in your HTML document where you would like to insert a bookmark and click just to the left of it.

Type “<a name=“bookmark”>” into the spot where you clicked (replacing the text “bookmark” with your own name for the bookmark) and then type “</a>” after the text you want bookmarked. The final HTML bookmark should look something like this:

Locate the spot in your HTML document where you would like to insert the link to your new bookmark and click to move the cursor there.

Type the above code into the spot where you clicked, replacing the text “bookmark” with whatever you named your bookmark. Don't forget the # character before the name of the bookmark, which tells your browser that this link is sending the user to the same page they're currently on. You can also replace the text “Click here to jump to the bookmarked section of the page” with the text you’d like to show up in this clickable link.

Save the HTML document. Your bookmark and the link to the bookmark are now active and ready for use.


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