How to Make a Booklet in Indesign

by Genevieve Van Wyden

Learning how to use Adobe InDesign CS2 can be challenging. After creating the basic concept for a booklet using text and accompanying drawings, the designer will have to set up the various styles, such as paragraph and character. Next, the number of pages for the booklet has to be determined. All of this will be equally as important as writing the text and finding the desired graphics for the booklet.

Click "File"/"New"/"Document." Decide on a page size, orientation and options from the Margins and Columns tools. Click "Ok" to open a new document with the settings just chosen. Pages will appear sequentially in the layout box; however, the printer spread will position the pages out of order.

Create a Master Text Frame, which will set a text frame to the size required inside the margin guides. Make a master either from scratch or from another master page. Choose the New Master -- Pages palette menu. Designate a name for the master spread.

Click "File," then "InBooklet SE." After coming to the Layout panel, click on "Range" (to prevent the whole booklet from being imposed). Specify what page numbers to include in imposition. Remember to use hyphens to keep consecutive numbers separated and use commas for non-consecutive page numbers.

Specify the necessary options to select printer spread style and settings. Utilize the Printing panel in order to fine-tune output settings before choosing the InDesign Print dialog box. Use the Preview panel in order to see that layout selections will fit the print settings.

Decide which layout option to use. These are available: 2-up Saddle Stitch, 2-up Perfect Bound and Consecutive. Remember to specify the amount of space around the printer spread after trimming; margin values can be selected for these.

Select a Gap, or amount of space between pages, for the booklet. The designer cannot choose a gap value for the Saddle Stitch option. Choose "Crossover" to control the bleed between the pages of a Perfect Bound booklet. Select the amount of creep needed to allow for paper thickness and folding. Choose the Sig Size option, which will satisfy the page numbering of the booklet in Perfect Bound documents only.

Use Find and Place to add text and chosen graphics to the booklet. Make sure the graphics or pictures chosen are not in the JPEG format because the graphic representation in the booklet will be very pixellated.


  • check Don't forget to check printer spreads, which are color thumbnails of the pages created by the imposition style selected.


  • close Use the Preflight option to make sure all of the options which have been selected, including CMYK ink colors, will be included in the final draft of the booklet.

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