How to Make a Booklet in Corel WordPerfect

by Joanne Mendes

Creating a booklet in Corel WordPerfect is a fast and easy process. Corel WordPerfect has many different preset booklet settings; you can create title pages, insert page numbers and add images or graphics to your booklet. These booklets are great for such things as club regulations, poetry, recipes, newsletters and mini-family scrapbooks.

Open a new document in WordPerfect.

Click File on the menu bar and then click Page Set-Up. Choose Landscape in the orientation section and click OK.

Change the page margins to .75 in the Document Margins section.

Click the Layout tab. Choose two columns in the Page Divide section. Click OK to close the Page Set-Up box.

Create a cover page for your booklet by hitting the Ctrl and Enter keys while on the first page of the document. This will create a page break, separating the title page page from the rest of the booklet. Type the booklet's title onto the page. Click the Format tab on the menu bar. Click Page > Center > Current Page > OK.

Type your text into the booklet pages. Create a new page by hitting the Enter button.

Insert images into the booklet by clicking Insert on the menu bar. Click Graphics and then choose to add clip art or a image saved in a file. Click on the image and then click Insert.

Insert page numbers by going to the page after the cover page and clicking Format on the menu bar. Click Page and then Numbering. You can choose a specific style of page numbers.

To print the booklet, click Print on the menu bar. Choose Layout and check the Print as a Booklet box.

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