How to Make a Blog From Scratch

by Herbert Kanter

Creating a blog is a very simple way to create your own personal homepage on the Internet. Unlike many other personal homepages, a blog has a greatly condensed layout, typically with pre-formatted HTML code, which allows easy access even to those who are not technologically savvy. Blogs are usually organized through date-by-date entries, which gives them a distinctive journal-like aspect, and can encourage weekly, daily or even, in some cases, hourly usage. Blogs have made a significant cultural and political impact, leading to the term "blogosphere" to describe online editorials covering the lives of celebrities, the fortunes of sports teams and the movements of political candidates.


Sign up for a blogging service. The two most popular and well-known blog services by far are and Google's Both can be linked to various social networking media, such as Facebook, Twitter and Myspace, and also feature easy-to-use email options. Blogspot has the added ability to link other Google-based accounts, such as Gmail and YouTube, requiring only one username and password for all three, which can greatly simplify your online experience.


Select a subject or a uniting theme for your blog. Even if a blog is just about the completely random and unforeseen things that happen in your life, you can use that information to create a cogent title and URL, or Web address. Be sure that the title and URL of your blog reflect -- in some way, no matter how obscure -- the subject matter you will be addressing in your posts. Common topics and themes for blogs include a sports team, a political ideal, life of a unique person in a specific city, and travel stories.


Investigate and decide upon a background and format for your blog. Normally during the initial setup of your blog, these options will automatically be displayed to you. As with your title, pick a background that is demonstrative of the general feeling of your blog. An American football blog, for example, should probably not have a border of yellow flowers. Custom formats are another available option.


Tell your friends and family about your blog, and ask them to spread the word. Utilize other social media to provide further publicity.


  • check If you would like to make money off your blog, investigate Google's AdSense program, which places advertisements on your blog and pays a certain amount per visitor click.

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