How to Make a Web Based HTML Survey

By Jim Campbell

HTML surveys ask users for feedback, so you can apply the feedback to business solutions and marketing efforts. If you are not familiar with creating dynamic code pages such as PHP or VB.NET, you can set the form to submit to your email address. This option lets you create a pure HTML form without the need to create a processing code page.

Step 1

Right-click the HTML page you want to use to display your survey. Click "Open With," then click your HTML editor.

Step 2

Create the survey. The following code creates a small survey form that asks for the user's name and any comments about your service:

Step 3

Add the "mailto" form method. You specify your email address in the form's action, and the results form the survey are sent to your email address. The following code completes the HTML survey form:

Step 4

Save the file changes, and open the HTML page in your Web browser. Fill out the survey, and click "Submit." Check your email account to verify that the survey was sent to your email address.