How to Make Banners

by Diane Dilov-Schultheis

Individuals and businesses use banners for numerous reasons. You can make one for someone's birthday, anniversary, retirement or promotion, a specific holiday, to congratulate or wish him or her well or any other reason you feel like. Banners can be made using Microsoft Publisher. It has a very helpful wizard to utilize to make the banner just as you need. Once created, you can even print the banner using special paper or several pieces of paper adjoined.

Open Microsoft Publishers Design Wizard (Catalog). Pick "Banners" from the list of wizards.

Use the scroll bar on the right to view the various banner templates or choose one from the list. Click the "Start Wizard" button.

Notice that the right side of the screen shows an example of the banner. Options selected during the process will alter its appearance. Click on the "Next" button. NOTE: you will have to click on "Next" button after each option is chosen.

Decide on the width of your banner. Place a check-mark next to the banner width needed. Use the "Custom" button to create a custom sized banner.

Pick the banner height you want. Use your mouse to make your selection.

Choose the location of a graphic(s) to include. Place a mark by "None," if you do not want any on it.

Pick "Yes" if you would like to include a border. Select "No" if you do not. Click on the "Finish" button to exit the wizard.

Edit any of your previously made selections to change the banners appearance. Highlight the one you need from the list on the top left to return to it. Make changes as needed.

Use the print options to print a copy of your banner. Follow the directions with any special paper used, if applicable.


  • check You can also alter the banner through selecting any part of it. Highlight the wording; select "Change Text" and then "Font." Alter the font type, style, color, effects and size. Click "OK" to apply. Double-click on any graphics to open your Clip Gallery. Select a different one to use. Add your own pictures. Click "Insert," "Picture" and then locate it on your computer. Click "Insert" and use your mouse to place it on the banner.


  • close Make sure you save a copy of the banner, if you think you may want to make it again later on.

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