How to Make an Avon Website

By Errin Reaume

Avon branched out from perfume to makeup and hair care.
i perfume image by ann triling from

Avon began in 1886 by David McConnell as the California Perfume Company. His first representative was named P.F. Albee and started selling his merchandise in New York. By 1906 the company had more than 10,000 representatives all over the country, and the first brochure was produced. By 1970 Avon had operations in 12 different countries and continued to grow from there. Avon men and women sell their products by going door to door, throwing Avon parties and through online marketing. When you become an Avon representative, you get access to the company's site-building templates to build your own custom site.

Log in in to your AVON account online. Click the link to promote yourself; there you will find the tab to build your own customized AVON website. Read through the given materials about building your website and agree to the terms. Do not use inappropriate photos or information about yourself; doing so can get you banned from using the AVON website service or fired.

Fill in the following pages with your bio, what products you sell, where you live, when you throw parties, how far you are willing to travel for customers and your contact information. Each will have a separate box for your answers.

Choose a template. A template is a color scheme and coordinating font and color for your website. AVON has several different templates to choose from, or you can build your own using HTML. If you wish to build your own, choose the "None" button on the template page and return to the Bio page. Insert the HTML you wish to have on your page in the Bio section. The HTML will not show up in your bio.

Add an image. Choose a professional looking photo of yourself. Do not use photos of you and friends, you at a bar or any photo you wouldn't want a potential customer to see. If you wish to use a photo of you doing something, consider using a photo from a past AVON party or you applying makeup to a customer.