How to Make Autosketch Run on Win7

by Kenrick Callwood

AutoSketch makes it easy to create 2D technical drawings. The software, made by Autodesk, was developed for Windows XP and Vista 32-bit operating systems. Windows built in certain features that allow many programs designed for earlier versions of the operating system to run almost flawlessly in Windows 7. It comes with a compatibility troubleshooting wizard to make the task of running AutoSketch on Windows 7 as straightforward as possible.


Right-click on the AutoSketch desktop icon, and select "Troubleshoot compatibility."


Click "Troubleshoot program."


Click the check box beside the option that best describes your situation. Most users will select the first option for cases where the program worked for earlier versions of Windows.


Click on "Windows Vista" in the list of previous versions of Windows. Click "Next" to continue.


Click the "Start the program" button to launch AutoSketch.


Close AutoSketch, and click the "Next" button in the troubleshooter.


Click the option to save the settings if AutoSketch opened correctly. Click the option to try again with different settings if the program did not execute properly.


Repeat this process until you find the settings that allow AutoSketch to run properly on your version of Windows 7.

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