How to Make an Audio CD From Video DVD

By Maya Austen

There are two basic methods of making an audio CD from a video DVD. Using your computer and the appropriate software, you can extract the audio files from a video DVD and burn them onto an audio CD. Or, using a CD recorder, you can dub the audio from a video DVD onto an audio CD. The first option is more efficient, while the second option may present a simpler choice if you don’t want to learn new software.

Using Computer Software

Step 1

Download and install software with the capacity to extract audio tracks from video DVDs onto your computer--for instance, Computer Application Studio’s DVD Audio Extractor. See the Resources section.

Step 2

Launch your DVD extractor software, insert your DVD into your computer, and open your DVD files.

Step 3

Select the audio tracks you want to put on CD.

Step 4

Save your selected audio tracks as .wav files.

Use your CD burning software to burn these files onto your blank CD-R.

Using a CD Recorder

Step 1

Turn off all devices before making your cable connections.

Step 2

Plug one end of your RCA audio cables into the RCA output jacks on your DVD player. Match the color of the chord tip to the color of the jack. Plug the other end of your RCA audio cables into the RCA input jacks of your CD recorder. (If your CD recorder does not have input jacks, plug the other end of your RCA cables into one of the RCA input jacks on your audio receiver.)

Step 3

Connect your CD recorder to this same audio receiver by plugging one end of your second set of RCA audio cables into the RCA output jacks on the back of your CD recorder; plug the other end of these cables into the RCA input jacks on your receiver reserved for a CD devise. Turn on all devices.

Step 4

Insert your blank CD-R disc into your CD recorder. (If you’re using an audio receiver, arm the appropriate input on your receiver for your CD recorder.)

Step 5

Test your recording levels. Press "Record" and then "Pause" on your CD recorder. Play your DVD. Look at the meter on your CD recorder. Adjust your recording level to a setting where the meter bars don’t fluctuate too far above 0dB.

Step 6

Cue your DVD to the place where you want to begin your audio dub.

Press "Record" and "Play" on your CD recorder, and play on your DVD player to begin dubbing the audio from your DVD onto a CD.