How to Make an Audio CD Play on Your Computer

by Andrew Smith
Andrew Magill

Audio CDs are compatible with the CD drive on your computer and thus will play through the speakers on your computer. In order to play the songs that are found on the audio CD, you will only need an audio software program installed on the computer. These software programs will let you listen to the audio CD using your computer as well as rip the songs from that audio CD onto your computer to listen to the songs while the CD isn't inside the computer.

Windows Media Player

Step 1

Download and install Windows Media Player.

Step 2

Insert the audio CD into the CD drive for the computer.

Step 3

Open Windows Media Player.

Step 4

Click the "Play" category at the top of the program.

Highlight "DVD, VCD or CD Audio." The audio CD will play on the computer.


Step 1

Download and install iTunes.

Step 2

Open iTunes.

Step 3

Click on the CD listed underneath the "Devices" category. The tracks on the audio CD will be listed.

Step 4

Highlight the song on the audio CD you want to play.

Click the "Play" button at the top of the iTunes program. The audio CD will play.


  • Be sure to turn the volume up in the audio program. The volume control in iTunes is to the right of the "Play" button. In Windows Media Player, the volume control is at the bottom of the program. You will also want to turn the volume up on the computer. The method for doing so will vary based upon which computer you own and the speakers on the computer.


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