How to Make an Anonymous Phone Call

By Alicia Bodine

You can shield your phone's number so it doesn't show up on caller ID on the other end.
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There are times when you want to call someone but you don't want them to have your phone number. For example, if you are using a friend's phone to call your ex and you don't want your ex to harass your friend, you will want to block the number from showing up on any caller ID or return phone number requests. This service is offered by the phone companies at no extra charge.

Step 1

Press * 67 from your home phone and then listen for double dial tones.

Step 2

Dial the person's number you wish to call. The person may not answer because the caller ID will read "Restricted."

Step 3

Press * 67 on your cell phone. You will not hear a double dial tone as before. You will just have to trust that the number will show up as "restricted."

Step 4

Make sure you dial 1 and then the area code of the phone number of the person you are trying to reach if calling from your cell phone. This is necessary on cell phones even if you are making a local call or else the call is not guaranteed to go through as restricted.