How to Make Announcement Cards

by Diane Dilov-Schultheis

Announcement cards are common ways to spotlight a graduation, wedding, recent move or new job or baby. Save money by making your own personalized announcement cards with various Microsoft Office programs, such as Word, Publisher and PowerPoint.


Go online to the “Announcements” templates. Use the link for Microsoft Office Online found in the Resources section below.


Choose from the available templates. Click on a template picture or its file name to view a full-size version and additional information. You can make changes to the design later, so pick any template with which you can work.


Check the “Version:” listed under the file title for the specific Microsoft program required. Select an announcement template made for your installed Microsoft application, such as Publisher 2007 or Word '97.


Click the “Download” button for the template chosen. It will automatically open the announcement template in the Microsoft program needed.


Click on any parts of the announcement card to edit. Highlight any text or graphic on the card to delete it, alter it or replace it with your own.


Include extra text by adding a “Text box” or include one of your own pictures in the announcement card. Find these options under “Insert” on the menu bar.


Check over the announcement card for any additional changes. Print one copy of the card on regular paper.


Make sure the printed announcement card is aligned properly on the paper. Load the printer with card stock or other paper to be used.


Print as needed. Save a copy of the announcement card for future use.


  • check You can download a free trial version of one of the Microsoft Office versions to use the Microsoft announcement templates described. Or use the link for “The Paper Mill Store” for free announcement templates for other programs such as Illustrator, Photoshop, Free Hand, Corel Draw for both PC and Mac systems.


  • close Check the size and style of the announcement template and what type of paper is needed. Some of the templates are postcard size with two templates on one sheet (card stock paper) and others are folded (regular or fancy paper).

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