How to Make Electronic Animated Greeting Cards in Flash

by Lanae Carr
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Electronic greeting cards, or eCards, are convenient way to send sentiments from humor to sympathy online. You can distribute them with the many eCard websites. However, many websites that offer licensed material, such as well known cartoons or sports logos, require a membership to access their eCards. Create your own flash greetings using PowerPoint or search online for a free eCard provider with content available in the categories you need.


Step 1

Open "PowerPoint." Open "New Document." In the first slide, add the title of your greeting card.

Step 2

Insert a new slide and enter clip art, photos or other graphics. Click the objects then select "Animation" from the main menu. Select animation styles for your graphics. Customize the start of each graphic by selecting "Custom Animation." You can set the timing, length of animation and order of animated effects. Save your PowerPoint.

Step 3

Download a free flash converter for PowerPoint such as or Once the installation is complete, a toolbar shortcut will appear in PowerPoint with icons to export your file to flash. Export your PowerPoint to flash (.SWF) and save it to your Documents folder.

Upload your greeting to a video landing page, personal web page or blog where you can share with friends and family.

Online eCards

Step 1

Choose a free online eCard service such as or

Step 2

Preview the list of animated eCard on each website. Select a flash card design to send. Click "email this eCard."

Enter your email address in the "From:" field and the recipient's email address in the "To:" field. Add a personal message to your ecard and click "Send."


  • With online eCard services, you can quickly send greetings to multiple recipients by adding email addresses to the "To:" field when customizing your greeting card.


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