How to Make Albums on Tumblr

By Irene A. Blake

You can quickly share selfies and other photos in albums on Tumblr.
i michaeljung/iStock/Getty Images

You don’t need to use third-party tools to make photo albums for your Tumblr blog because Tumblr gives you options for displaying more than one photo within a standard photo post.

Add Photos to the Post

You can add up to 10 photos from a computer, storage device or website to any post as long as the total size of the combined photos doesn’t exceed 10MB and the images are in RGB color and JPG/JPEG or PNG file formats. Click the “Photo” camera icon, select “Choose Up to 10 Photos” or “URL” and then proceed as instructed on-screen. To add additional photos, click the “Upload Another Photo” option that appears in the template under the first picture.

Edit and Create the Album

Tumblr allows you to align up to three photos side-by-side in stacked horizontal rows. To move any photo to a different position, click and drag it until blue vertical and horizontal guidelines display that indicate available positions, and then drop it in place. Tumblr also allows you to add captions to individual photos. Hover your cursor over the top right corner of a picture, click the Speech Bubble icon, type a caption and click “Set Caption.” To finish your album post, add a title and/or description in the post's main Caption box, add searchable keywords to the field marked with a tag icon and then click “Post.”