How to Make a Advertisement Box for a Website

by Bennett Gavrish

Using basic HTML code, which stands for HyperText Markup Language, you can create a boxed advertisement on your webpages. After creating the basic advertisement design using a graphic design application like Adobe Photoshop, you will need to upload the advertisement to your web server and then use the "img" element to add it to your website.

Step 1

Use a graphic design application like Adobe Photoshop to create the advertisement design.

Step 2

Export the advertisement design as a .jpg file.

Step 3

Upload the .jpg version of the advertisement design to your active web server.

Step 4

Open the webpage that you want to add the advertisement box to in a web editing program like Adobe Dreamweaver.

Step 5

Locate the section of the page's HTML code where you want to add the advertisement box. Type My Advertisement.

Step 6

Replace "ad.jpg" from Step 5 with the exact name of the file you exported in Step 2. Then replace "My Advertisement" with a description of your advertisement.

Save the updated webpage code, and load your website in a browser to view the advertisement box.


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