How to Maintain a Website

by Contributor

Whether you're a webmaster of a company's site or you maintain your own website, proper website maintenance is crucial in order to maintain competitive in cyberspace.

Update your content regularly to keep your website content current and fresh. Whether you change your content or add to it, regular updates are an important part of maintenance, which generates new visitors and keeps old ones interested.

Visit and use your website regularly. It's important to take a regular "tour" of your website as a visitor would, to spot broken links, see how your site looks in different browsers, or see if there are any other areas to fix or optimize.

Reply to your emails in a timely manner. Most websites have a button or link to the webmaster's email address, should users have any technical difficulties with, or queries about the site. Ensure that you stay on top of these queries in a timely fashion to maintain your site's functionality and popularity. If you take too long to respond, visitors may lose interest in the site.

Perform a regular Google search of your domain name. If you want to stay on top of what people are saying about your site or who is linking to you, Google your domain name regularly.


  • check If you're a blogger or have another type of website with recurring visitors, ensure that you have a backup plan for times when the site will be down for maintenance or you'll be away. This may be as simple as a "Website down for maintenance--be back in X hours/days" post, or involve hiring someone to be a guest blogger or writer to maintain your site in the interim.

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