How to Maintain a Printer

by Contributor

Performing regular maintenance on your printer will prolong its life and ensure it is in proper working order when you need it. Although it takes a little time, most printer maintenance tasks are simple and require little or no expense. Most printer maintenance is simply cleaning the printer and protecting it from harmful dirt.

Clean the outside of the printer. In addition to making your printer look more presentable, regular cleanings are good maintenance because cleaning the outside helps prevent dirt and grime from making its way inside the printer where it can do damage. Turn the printer off, unplug it and clean the printer with a damp sponge. You can use water or a light household cleaner.

Get a kit to clean the inside of the printer. Cleaning the inside is trickier, but check with your printer's manufacturer or an office supply store to find a cleaning kit. The kit should include lens covers, lubrication for the rods and rollers, wipes and instructions.

Protect your printer when it's not in use. The easiest printer maintenance to perform is to simply cover it with a dust cover when it is not being used. This will protect your printer and make cleaning the printer easier.

Keep the paper in its original package. Because the paper goes through the inside of the printer and comes into contact with the printer's most sensitive parts, it's important the paper be clean and dry.

Move the printer safely. When it comes time to move the printer, repackage it in its original package to make sure it does not get damaged. Ink cartridges can be left installed, but all cables must be disconnected.

Hire a professional to service the printer. If you have an expensive printer, it may be a good idea to hire a professional who specializes in maintenance of your type of printer. The professional will clean the printer, align it and replace any parts which need to be replaced.

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