How to Find Macy's Web ID on Store-Bought Items

By Tiffany Raiford

Use Macy's Web ID's to find products online.
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Macy's provides shoppers with a convenience feature called a Web ID, which makes it easy to search online for an item that you found in a Macy's store or catalog. The Web ID is a reference number on a product in-store or in the Macy's catalog. When entered into the search box on the Macy's website, the Web ID will immediately pull up the item. However, not all products found in-store or in the Macy's catalog have Web IDs, as not all of them are available online.

Step 1

Check the tag of an item you found in a store. If the tag contains a Web ID, this will be identified and will consist of a sequence of numbers. Note down the numbers and proceed to step 3. However, many in-store items are not tagged with a Web ID.

Step 2

Locate the item in the Macy's catalog and look at the product description. Look through the description for the label "Web ID" and note down the numbers. However, if the item is not available online, it will not have a Web ID.

Step 3

Enter the Web ID of your item in the search box of the Macy's website and click "Search."