Free Mac Solitaire Games

By Andie Francese

Solitaire is traditionally played with a deck of cards.
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The term "solitaire" refers to a series of one-person card games that require concentration and strategical thinking to win. First popular in the early 19th century in France, solitaire moved into England and the United States in the later part of the 1800s. In 1990, the first computerized solitaire game appeared as part of the Windows 3.0 operating system, and some version of the game has been included on computers ever since.

Mobilityware's "Solitaire"

Mobilityware's basic solitaire application built for the iPhone and iPad brings the classic game to mobile devices, without changing anything. You won't find amazing graphics or catchy music in this app, but people wanting a simplistic gaming experience can download "Solitaire" from the iTunes store via their device (See Resources).

"Big Deck Solitaire"

"Big Deck Solitaire," by MacGames, is a shareware application offered directly through Apple and iTunes (See Resources). The game's website promises "no bells or whistles," instead offering the original look and feel of solitaire present on computers from the 1990s. "Big Deck Solitaire" is available for all Mac OS devices, as of March 2011.

"Solitaire Preview"

"Solitaire Preview" expands on the most basic of solitaire games to bring a 3-D experience to the players. The game also includes "Spider," for those who enjoy both the tried-and-true solitaire and the more expansive versions of the classic card game, including a rotating game board and a choice of different deck designs. "Solitaire Preview" has versions for all Apple devices, including the iPad, MacBooks and iPhones, as of February 2011. Players can download the game via the Apple website (See Resources).

"Simply Solitaire"

"Simply Solitaire," a free-to-try game, incorporates basic solitaire rules into a light and fast gaming experience. The package also includes "Spider," "Free Cell" and "Klondike." The simple, easy-to-learn games are applicable for all age and experience levels. The full version, which unlocks new games and levels, costs $19.95 as of March 2011 (See Resources).