What Is a LUND Partition?

By Sam Adams

The word LUND stands for "logical unit number disk," which is part of a SAN or "storage area network" in a computer server system. In computer jargon, this disk is usually referred to as a LUN.

LUND Partitions

A server is made up of an array of disks. Each of the disks in an array has a LUN that can be further partitioned into smaller parts. LUND partitions help the system administrator to determine access levels of users on the network.


When a LUND is partitioned or zoned, the system administrator can allow users access to certain areas of the network, increasing network security. For example, in a six-disk partition, some users can have access to the information stored on disks one to three while others have access to disks four to six and still other users may have access to all of the disks.


If the LUND partition is set at the host adapter level, where the individual computers join the network, then computers boot faster and new hardware can be added easily. However, if the LUND partition is set at the driver level then network security can be compromised when a new host accesses the network and boot time is increased.