Lucent Technologies Partner 18D Phone Instructions

By Nade Xro

Lucent Technologies Partner 18D Phone Instructions
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Partner is a line of home telephones created by Avaya. These telephones came with either a six-, 18- or 34-button interface. The 18-button version, the 18D, includes easy access function buttons such as those for loudspeaker, hold and conference calling. This telephone is user-friendly and ready to use as soon as it is connected to a phone line port.

Remove all packaging from the device.

Connect the phone line to the socket in the wall and pick up the phone to check you have a dial tone.

Press "Spkr" and dial the phone number to make a loudspeaker call. To end the call, press "Spkr" once more.

Press "Intercom," lift the handset and dial the number to make a regular call. To end the call, put the handset down.

Answer a phone call by lifting the handset or pressing "Spkr." Adjust the call volume by pressing the up/down keys.

Press the "Hold" button to put a caller on hold. While on hold, press "Line" next to the blinking green light to answer an additional incoming call.

Create a conference by pressing "Conf" whilst connected to the first caller. Press an idle "Line" button and dial the next number. Once you have gotten through to the next person, press "Conf" again to connect the calls.