How to Lower the Amount of Megapixels on a Picture Already Taken

By Contributing Writer

Updated July 21, 2017

It is easy to reduce the size of a digital picture by using Google's free Picasa software, to email the pictures to yourself or to others.

Download and install Picasa. A link is provided below.

Run Picasa

Select "Tools from the dropdown menu at the top and then select "Options."

Select the "Email" tab in the new dialog window that opens.

Select the size you desire using the slider under "Output Options."

Click "Apply," then click "OK."

Now select the photos you want to resize in your library, by highlighting them.

Now click the "email" button at the bottom of the screen.

Select "Use my Gmail Account," and enter your password when requested to log in.

When the email window opens up, enter your own addres, to email the photos to yourself, or enter the address where you would like to send them. ONce sent, your pictures will be automatically rezized to the size you specified in Step 5.

Items you will need

  • A Gmail account

  • Google Picasa

  • A PC connected to the Internet