How to Find a Lost Key for a Roxio

by Thomas King
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Roxio is a division of Sonic Solutions, a company that produces software that helps people create and manage their digital media. Roxio's most popular products include Roxio Creator, Roxio Video Capture, Roxio PhotoShow, and Roxio RecordNow. When you purchase a product from Roxio, you are given a CD-Key, also referred to as a serial number. There are ways to find a missing CD-Key. However, Roxio will not supply you with a new CD-Key.

For Software Purchased in a Store

Step 1

Look on the back cover of the CD-ROM/DVD-ROM jewel case. The CD-Key should be located there. If it is not, continue to the next step.

Step 2

Look at the sticker located on the CD/DVD sleeve. The CD-Key should be located there. If it is not, continue to the next step.

Log into your Roxio account at the link below. Your CD-Key can be found on your account page. Note that this requires you to have registered your Roxio product online at some point.

For Software Purchased Online

Step 1

Locate the confirmation e-mail you received when you purchased and downloaded the Roxio software Online. The CD-Key is contained in the e-mail. If you no longer have the e-mail, continue to the next step.

Step 2

Click on the "Find My Order" link below.

Type in your order number and password or your e-mail address and the credit card you used. The CD-Key will be provided to you.


  • According to Roxio, if the steps above do not work, Roxio cannot supply you with a new CD-Key.


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