How to Find a Lost iPod Touch in Your House Even Though It Died

by Dan Lyman
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The iPod Touch is a version of Apple's portable MP3 player, the iPod. The Touch is capable of surfing the Web, intensive gaming and music playback. It has a surface size comparable to that of a men's wallet and is roughly one-quarter of an inch thick. These dimensions make the iPod Touch an easy item to misplace or lose altogether, and if it does not have power, there is no chance of causing it to make a tell-tale noise.

Step 1

Retrace your steps. If you recently lost the iPod, you may be table to locate it by revisiting the places in the house you have traveled.

Step 2

Ask any members of your household if they have seen your Touch. Someone may have borrowed it without asking you or may have seen it and can point you in the proper direction.

Step 3

Check the couch cushions. Small, misplaced items can very often be found in the crevices of living room furniture. It may have fallen out of your pocket into the cushions or slid into the side wall of a recliner chair.

Step 4

Check inside your [backpack]( or purse, or the clothes you remember wearing the last time you had your Touch. You might have forgotten to take it out of a pocket or forgotten you put it inside one in the first place.

Look inside cupboards and drawers. If you were putting away groceries or clothing while listening to music on your Touch and then decided to turn it off and set it down, you might have accidentally put it in one of these places.


  • Ask someone to help you look. You might have been convinced it wasn't in a certain spot, but a fresh pair of eyes may be able to spot it where you have already looked.
  • If your house is a little out of order and you really can't find the Touch, but know it's there, consider taking a couple hours to clean and set the house in order. You might come across it.


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