How to Look Up Vonage Phone Numbers

By Alexandra Bee

Track VoIP cell phone numbers by using VoIP directory websites online.
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You can locate someone by their phone number by using the Internet for free and also by using paid people searches. With Vonage, callers are using a VoIP service, which is different from a general telephone or cell phone number, making it harder to track them because it does not store your phone records the same way as your traditional telephone services. Web services online provide search access to these VoIP records for locating phone numbers and people. Some websites are available at absolutely no cost to you.

Open your Internet browser and visit a credible searching directory, such as VoIP Monitor or I Info Search, for VoIP numbers and Vonage customers. Some search websites are free while others may charge per search or on a subscription basis.

Locate the search for looking up VoIP numbers. Enter the Vonage phone number you are trying to look up. Click "Search" to allow the website to look through its available directory for any matches.

Allow the search to complete before leaving the window or surfing elsewhere. Click on the result that you are looking for once the search is complete. Information such as the person's phone number, address and other contact data may appear in the results. If you do not find the results you are looking for, try an alternative searching website for looking up the Vonage VOIP phone number.