How to Look Up a Phone Number That Has Called My Phone

by Shawn Farner
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Receiving a phone call from a strange number can leave you with a number of questions -- for instance, you may wonder who the number belongs to and what the caller wants from you. If the call comes from a private citizen, you may not be able to look up who the number belongs to. However, if the call comes from a business or another type of organization, there are a few sites online that can help you identify the caller, and perhaps even the purpose of the call.

Step 1

Visit an online phone number database. Such sites include WhoCallsMe, Who Called Us, and 800 Notes (links in Resources).

Step 2

Type the phone number into the provided search box. Use the following format as an example: 555-555-1212.

Click the "Search" button. If the number is located in the database, you'll be able to see the owner of the number, as well as any notes left by others who have received a call from this number. These notes can help you determine why someone from that number may have been calling you.


  • You can also pay a service to investigate and track down the owner of a private phone number if the number that called you is unlisted in the phone book and online phone directories. Such services include Intelius, PhoneBust, and Private Phone Detective (links in Resources).

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