How to Look Up a Blocked Phone Number

By Wendy Lau

Services are available to help unmask blocked callers.
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Phone numbers are blocked for various reasons, and those receiving calls on their phone line from blocked numbers have various reasons to want to unmask the number. Unmasking a number is especially helpful when calls continue to be received from a caller after you have requested to be removed from his calling list. Find out who is behind the call so that you may take further action to put a stop to it.

Sign up for a plan on TrapCall's website. Select from three service plans that offer caller ID unmasking, plus additional features depending on the plan selected. Plan prices range from $4.95 to $24.95 per month, as of 2010.

Walk through the steps provided on numbers to enter on your phone after you have signed up.

Press "Reject" or ignore the call on your phone the next time you receive a blocked call. TrapCall will receive the call to unmask the number and send the call back to your phone, revealing the number. The next time this blocked number calls again, it will automatically reveal the caller's number.