How to Look at Kodak CDs in OS X

By Jefe Nubarron

The Photo CD is a system designed by Kodak to store photographic images on a compact disk. The Photo CD was introduced by Kodak in 1992, and the format was designed to hold as many as 100 high resolution images on a disk. Files on a Photo CD are encoded in a proprietary PCD format. There is no native way to copy the PCD files to a Macintosh computer in OS X, but you can use Apple's iPhoto to import images off a Kodak Photo CD.

Insert the Kodak Photo CD into your Mac's optical drive.

Open the iPhoto application on your Mac.

Select the "File" menu from the menu bar within iPhoto. This menu is on the top of your screen, directly next to the menu named "iPhoto."

Select the option to import from the iPhoto "File" menu. In iPhoto '09, the option is named "Import to Library."

Select your Kodak Photo CD from the list of devices, and click the "Import" button.