How Long Does Vimeo Take to Upload a Video?

By Charisse Esmeralde

Several factors – ranging from how fast your Internet connection is to whether you have appropriate compression settings for your video – will affect how slowly or quickly your video uploads on Vimeo, an online video-sharing portal. Depending on these factors, the time it takes to upload a video may take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour or more.

Internet Speed

There is a direct correlation between your Internet connection speed and video upload time. If you are still using a dial-up connection, your video will take longer to upload than if you had an Ethernet, wireless or cable connection.


Vimeo gives you a list of recommended compression guidelines (see Resources). Check that your video meets Vimeo's screen resolution, frame rate, audio speed and other requirements. This will ensure an efficient and successful video upload.

Updated Flash Version

Another factor that affects video upload time is the Adobe Flash player on your computer. Vimeo recommends installing Flash version 10.2.154. If you are not sure whether your Flash player is updated, visit the Flash Version Checker page in the Vimeo Help Center (see Resources). Follow the links to uninstall your current Flash player, restart your computer, and then go back to the Flash Version Checker page to install the current Flash player. Installing an updated Flash player is free.

Other Programs

Sometimes the video upload time will slow down significantly if you have other programs running. For example, if you have an email inbox open or are logged in to any of your social network pages, the resources your computer uses to keep those pages open will affect the speed needed to upload your video. When you are ready to upload a new video via Vimeo, make sure to close all other windows and tabs you may have open.