How Long Do Rear Projection TVs Last?

By Brian Bores

If you decide to buy a rear projection TV, you need to be aware of a few things that affect the lifespan of your TV. Rear projection TVs function differently than flat screens, and their lifespan depends upon their light source. You can increase the lifespan of your light source in many ways, which will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Lightsource Overview

Bulb or lamps are the light sources of rear projection TVs. These lamps or bulbs will need to be replaced after approximately 8,000 hours of use. Bulbs or lamps in higher-end models will usually last longer than 8,000 hours. These lamps are not cheap, so you need to get the maximum performance out of them.

Color Settings

When you first turn on your TV after it arrives from the store, you should adjust your light and color settings to the lowest level that doesn't compromise the picture quality. These setting are usually turned to the highest level when they are in the store. By having these settings turned up, your bulbs lifespan will greatly decrease.

Air Filters

If you regularly replace the air filters in you house, you can actually help the lifespan of your TV. Clean air is used to to cool the lamps in your TV, so if the air is dirty, dust will accumulate on the lamps causing them to overheat. The longer you can keep the lamps cool, the longer your lamps will last.

Name Brands

The best way to ensure you have good lamps in your TV is to buy a name brand TV like Sony, LG or Samsung. The cheaper models have cheaper lamps, meaning they burn out faster. By buying a high-end brand, the lamps will last a lot longer, which means you will spend less money replacing lamps.


When you have to replace a lamp, try to get it replaced at the same store you bought it from. Since employees at the store should be familiar with your type of TV, they should be able to replace lamps easier than a random repair shop. If you choose to replace the lamps yourself, use your owner's manual for instructions on replacement and for safety tips.