How Long Does it Take to Download an iPhone App?

By Melly Parker

More than 500,000 apps are offered in the App Store.
i Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

When you download iPhone apps from Apple's App Store, the time it takes for your download to transfer depends on the speed of your connection and the size of the app. Smaller apps may download almost instantly, while larger ones take longer. Maximize your download speed to get the app installed on your iPhone and ready to use.

Connection Type

The type of connection you have plays a major role in how fast content downloads to your iPhone or computer. A quick 4G connection in New York City will download much faster than a weak 3G signal in the woods. A high-speed Wi-Fi connection will download even more quickly than 4G, enabling you to get your app in the fastest possible time.

App Size

The size of the app is a factor in the speed of downloads to your iPhone. Apps that are graphic or video heavy (or that come with lots of content) will take longer to download than small, text-based apps. Plan to be on a fast connection and have some free time if, for example, you're downloading a map pack for a GPS app.

Faster Downloads

For faster file transfers, wait until you are on a faster connection and then download iOS apps. Unless you need an app immediately, you can save valuable time by postponing downloads of larger apps until you have found a Wi-Fi hotspot or you have access to your high-speed Internet connection at home.