How Long Do Plasma TVs Last?

By Heather Grenier

Plasma TV burnout is a common problem among consumers. How long do plasma TVs last? This question has no exact answer. Technology and science are constantly changing, and so is the life expectancy of plasma televisions. As of early 2009, consumers could expect roughly 60,000 hours of viewing, if they took proper care of their TVs.


The more your plasma television is in use, the shorter its lifespan will be. The amount of usage directly affects its longevity.


The location of your plasma television is related to how long you can expect it to last. Locate your plasma TV in a well-ventilated area. Never hang it face down.


Static has nothing to do with a grainy picture; it is a single image that is paused on the television screen. Once a static image has been burned into the plasma TV, it affects the appearance and shortens the life of the plasma TV.


To make the picture look its best in the showroom, televisions are set on the highest function settings. Your plasma TV will last longer when its setting is lowered to best fit your viewing location.


The half-life of a plasma TV is the point at which the picture brilliance has diminished by half. Many consumers choose to purchase a new television at this time. This is not the full life of the plasma TV. It is a choice you make, based upon quality.


Do your homework and buy the brand with the best reviews. Also consider the warranty. A plasma TV with a longer warranty can be replaced if something goes wrong.