Logitech Wireless Keyboard Function Keys

By Joe Murray

Logitech wireless keyboards have advanced function key settings.
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Logitech manufactures several wireless keyboards with distinct features; some are solar-powered, compact or illuminated. Logitech decided that most users do not use traditional function, or F-keys, so the company equips its wireless keyboards with user-friendly enhanced F-keys to speed productivity. These keys are preset to perform certain tasks that include launching and closing applications. You can customize these keys, as well as your hot keys if your model has them, using SetPoint, a Logitech software download.

What Is SetPoint?

Download SetPoint from the Logitech website to get the most of your programmable keyboard. With SetPoint, you can customize the F-keys or hot keys to open a Web page that you use often, open a particular file or folder or launch a program. Additionally, you can assign keystrokes to a key, flip a document, open a calculator or open your computer’s gadgets. SetPoint alerts you when your keyboard battery is getting low and lets you set features, such as zoom buttons, to suit your needs.

How to Use SetPoint

Depending on your keyboard model, you are able to customize hot keys, F-keys or both. Click on the Keyboard tab and then select “Hot Key Settings.” Select the hot key that you wish to program and then choose the task that you want to assign to the hot key. Repeat the process to program your F-keys. Click “F-Key Settings” to begin. Note that additional functions are available for both hot keys and F-keys by clicking the “Other” button under Task.

Enhanced F-Keys

On most Logitech wireless keyboards, you need to click the function "FN" key, along with a particular F-key to use the enhanced preprogrammed keys. Some Logitech models such as the K750 and the K800 have the additional option of programming the enhanced F-keys to work without clicking the FN key. Use SetPoint to enable this option and to customize the F-keys.

Programmable Hot Keys

The K320 model is an example of a wireless Logitech keyboard that does not allow you to customize the F-keys. However, if you download SetPoint, you can customize the four hot keys that perform a task when pressed. The Logitech K400 has five programmable hot keys that accept similar program commands.