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The Logitech Driving Force GT is the official wheel controller for "Gran Turismo 5," a PlayStation 3 racing game known for its speed and intense action. Even though it has the direct connection to "Grand Turismo 5," the Logitech Driving Force GT wheel can be used with a variety of racing games on PS3 consoles and Windows PCs. Getting the most out of the Driving Force requires knowing some simple instructions.


Setting up the Driving Force GT wheel with the PS3 is as simple as connecting the wheel to the pedal unit, plugging the wheel's USB cable into the PS3 and powering up the PS3 console. The wheel's center hub houses a directional pad on the left and the standard PS3 buttons on the right, providing all the functionality of a normal PS3 controller when needed. There is also a distinctive red adjustment dial that allows you to select real-time adjustments during live gameplay, letting you tweak such settings as traction control, damper settings, brake bias and more on the fly.


The Driving Force GT wheel works with many PS3 racing games, including the system's various "NASCAR" and "Need for Speed" titles. Some games require a software update for the console or a patch from the game developer to accommodate a wheel controller. Logitech publishes a compatibility chart for the Driving Force GT wheel and PS3 games. Unfortunately, the Driving Force GT does not work with PS1 or PS2 games played on the PS3.


Even games that fully support the Driving Force GT, such as "Gran Turismo 5," may require you to download an online update to achieve complete functionality. Be certain to connect the PS3 console to the Internet before launching your chosen game. The console will then automatically download and install any available updates, allowing all Driving Force GT functions to work properly, including the horn, PS button and the adjustment dial.


If you're experiencing problems with the Driving Force GT wheel, check the hardware setup to make certain everything is in proper working condition. Turn off the PS3 console and unplug the wheel's AC power adapter. Verify the electrical outlet has power. Reattach the wheel's power adapter, confirming the plug fits tightly into the wheel controller and the electrical outlet. Remove any pinches or kinks in the USB cable and ensure it is plugged firmly into the console. Try switching USB ports, since some games require a specific port to be used. Turn the PS3 console back on and relaunch the game.


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