Logik TV Problems

By Tyson Cliffton

Problems with your Logik TV can make enjoying any type of content on it difficult. Problems with the TV can result from settings on the TV or an external device, hardware problems or external factors. Work to isolate your problem on your own before returning the device back to the manufacturer or making the trip to a professional repair person to get it fixed.


If the picture begins shaking or if bars appear on the screen, disconnect or turn off high-power electronic devices that are near the Logik TV or that are connected to the same AC outlet the TV is connected to. If the picture associated with a connected external device is bad, check the video cables connecting the device to the TV. Ensure that the connectors on the end of the cable are solidly connected to the video input jacks on the TV and the video output jacks on the external device. Also, check for damage to the cable, such as fraying. If the cable is damaged, try using a different cable that you know works. In addition, try adjusting the video output settings on the external device. For example, try using different output resolutions to see if some work better with your Logik TV than others.


If you are hearing a buzzing sound in addition to the content's normal audio while watching a device connected to your Logik TV using an HDMI cable, move a connected coaxial cable away from the HDMI cable. Alternatively, if you're using an HDMI cable to connect a cable box to your TV, ensure that the cable box is set up to not only output the picture through the HDMI cable but also the audio; some cable boxes don't automatically output the audio through a connected HDMI cable and have a switch on the side where you can set the cable box up to do that. If you are only hearing audio through one speaker, someone may have adjusted the TV's speaker settings. Check the Balance section in the Audio part of the TV's main menu to ensure the audio is played evenly through the left and right internal speakers.

Parental Passcode

Some parts of your Logik TV will not be accessible if you're using a parental passcode to block them. However, if you forget the passcode, you won't be able to access those parts of the TV either. You can disable the passcode if you forgot it by entering "8899" when prompted for a passcode. However, you will have to set the parental passcode up again to block access to the parts of the TV that were previously not accessible without the passcode.


If a PC connected to the VGA input isn't displaying or doesn't display properly, adjust the computer's resolution to one that's supported by the Logik TV. Because supported PC resolutions vary between Logik TVs, check the manual that came with your TV for a list of supported resolutions. If the computer's display is distorted on the screen, check that pins in the connectors on the VGA cable are not damaged. Also, reinstall the computer's video card or update the card's drivers to see if that resolves the problem.