Logging in to Yahoo Messenger With a Google Account

By Richard Bashara

You can send an SMS text message through Yahoo Messenger.
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In 1998, Yahoo launched an application called “Yahoo Pager,” which evolved into the Yahoo Messenger application we use today. Original features -- including messaging, alerts, and privacy settings -- remain, but the service has expanded to include expressive status messages and emoticons. Another feature added since the original release is the ability to access Messenger from a user’s email inbox. You can use Google to access your Yahoo account, but to continue usage of Yahoo services with a Gmail address, you will need to configure a new account and change your password.

Sign In to Yahoo Mail

Visit the Yahoo homepage, and click “Mail” from the top. To sign in with your Google Account, click the “Google” button on the Mail login screen and then click "Sign In." In order for Google to grant access to your account, you will need to sign in with your Google username and password.

Create an Upgraded Yahoo ID

Select a new email address for your upgraded Yahoo account. Yahoo will list suggestions similar to your old Yahoo email address underneath the “Yahoo ID/Email” fields. You also need to enter a new password, and then repeat that password for verification. When you are finished, click “Upgrade my Account.”

Install Yahoo Messenger

Download and install Yahoo Messenger from the Yahoo Messenger homepage (see link in References.) Click on the application from your browser’s list of completed downloads, which you can view at any time by pressing “Ctrl-J” on your keyboard, and follow the instructions in the wizard to complete the installation. If Messenger is already installed, skip this step.

Using Your Upgraded Yahoo ID

Open Yahoo Messenger from your computer desktop. Search for it with the Windows search charm by pressing the “Windows” key and then typing “Yahoo Messenger.” Click the icon that appears, or click on its tile from your desktop. Sign in with your upgraded Yahoo ID. This new ID is tied to your Gmail account, and you should be able to access your Mailbox and built-in Messenger with your Gmail address freely.

Messenger as a Mobile Application

Yahoo Messenger is available as a download in Windows Phone Store, Google Play and iOS App Store. Search for “Yahoo Messenger” and install the application. You can sign in with your upgraded Yahoo ID on these mobile applications for access to buddy lists on the go.

Logging in with Facebook

Yahoo users can also use Facebook to log in to a Yahoo account for email and messaging. Open the Yahoo Mail login page and click “Facebook” beneath “OR.” Grant Yahoo permission to use your Facebook ID and log in with your Yahoo ID to access email and messaging.